So it’s 43 days until Christmas… I literally cannot wait. I think I am so excited about Christmas this year because I was working in retail last year and that just ruins Christmas altogether. I was working at 8am on Boxing Day… not where I wanted to be, so this year I am very much looking forward to oodles of champagne, Christmas pyjamas, hot choccies ooo not long now!

With Christmas on the mind, I am being asked what I want. Unfortunately for me I have no filter and I tend to just see something and buy it. So these next couple of months I must refrain otherwise I am going to end up with duplicates of things… which believe it or not has happened before. So again there is a beauty theme running here, but it’s me and what’s new?


Glam Glow Bright Mud Eye Treatment £44.99 lookfantastic.com 

So starting with Glam Glow, this is a relatively new brand (to me anyway) and I have heard amazing things about this ‘Eye Treatment’. I have noticed lately that even when I go to bed early and drink lots of water/peppermint tea, I still have these pesky dark circles. Very irritating, to the point where I am using about 2/3 different concealers throughout the day. So maybe I need to take it back to the skin and start there? Who knows, but at £44.99 these aren’t at the top of my Christmas wish list.

Benefit Gimme Brow £18.50 lookfantastic.com

I absolutely love Benefit Cosmetics, their marketing is great and I am always suckered into the latest thing. However, this little wand here has become an eyebrow staple for a lot of people. I am a cult user of Benefit’s Brow Zings but that does take a little time and effort. What I love about this is product is that it is super quick and easy, your are eyebrows are done in about 5 minutes or less! Just what I need at 7:30 in the morning.

Benefit Roller Lash £19.50 lookfantastic.com

Another Benefit love! I’ve only actually used the sample I received in Elle about a year ago and it is honestly one of the best mascaras ever, very good for lazy people as it literally rolls on for you.

Caudalie Beauty Cleanser Elixir (30ml) £11.50 lookfantastic.com

I have only been using this product for about a month now, but it is fab. I can see why celebs such as Rita Ora truly love this product. I use it in the mornings and evenings, it is so refreshing and smells gorgeous. Now I’m not entirely sure what it is doing, but my skin has been wonderful lately and I am worried that if I suddenly pull this out everything will go bad again. Anyway for beauty lovers don’t be fooled by the £30 price tag of the larger bottle, this is all you need for a good few months, and Look Fantastic have brought out a cute limited edition one just in time for Christmas :)

Caudalie Cleanser Mask Trio £22 lookfantastic.com 

Although I have left this until last, this trio is quite high up on my list (hint hint Tom). After being introduced to Caudalie recently through the Beauty Elixir and Cleansing Oil I have heard a lot about their face masks, but at about £22 each I can’t try them all! So this set is perfect as it is £22 for 3, so I can decide which one I want, now they do all tackle different things, but the most popular one is the Glycolic Peel which I know Rita Ora loves. I’m not usually very experimental with my skincare as I am always afraid of breakouts, so this is the most experimental I have been in about a year!

What are on your Christmas beauty wishlists?

Agnes D.



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  1. xclaireabella
    November 11, 2015 / 4:32 pm

    I can’t believe it’s only 43 days until Christmas! It’s gonna come round so quickly too! Lovely pick here chick. I love the sound of the face masks, the packaging is super cute too!

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