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If you’ve been following my blog for a while now it is no secret that I am a little obsessed with ASOS, my boyfriend and flatmate would probably both disagree with this statement and go onto say that my wardrobe is basically just ASOS. (SO not true)

I’m going on holiday in 38 days (the countdown has been on since like 100!) and I am thinking of things to buy just to spruce up some old outfits etc. I am going to a village in the South/East of France called Fitou, my boyfriends family have a house out there. It is such a beautiful region of France, so untouched by us Brits and full of delicious French cuisine, can’t get enough of cheese, baguette, wine and olives… basically my diet when I am over there. A lot of the holiday will probably be spent either poolside or exploring new places and visiting old – Narbonne and Carcassonne happen to be two of my favs. It is a very relaxing place to be and quite often (unless we are going out to a meal) I can happily just throw on a pair of sandals, shorts and a top and be quite content, by no means is is fashion central and sometimes that is just the place I want to be. So here is a little (I say little, it’s quite big) wish list of things I would like for my holidays in France and bits of it would be perfect for NYC as well, but that wish list will be a little later as that holiday is over 80 days away…

Wide Leg Trousers in Floral Print – ASOS. Silver Straw Shopper – Oasis via ASOS. Crochet Tile Cami – New Look via ASOS. Full Monty Sandals – ASOS.

I first saw these trousers on one of my favourite bloggers, (Olivia Purvis from What Olivia Did, click here to see how she styled them) I love the pattern and I love the versatility – they a smart and they are casual, so easy to dress down and dress up for a quick change in the evening. This little collection above is inspired by the metallic craze that seems to be going on at the moment, I love it!! Unfortunately though, these gorgeous sandals have sold out :( I am eagerly waiting for them to come back in stock and hopefully a massive student discount all at the same time, wishful thinking huh? This is an outfit I could wear on an evening out in France or down the streets of NYC, I love matching shoes and bags together and these go so well.


Longline Bandeau Bikini Top – ASOS. Wild Daisy Black Print High Waisted Bikini Bottom – Motel via ASOS. Textured Square High Waisted Bikini – ASOS. Maggie Palm Print Bustier Brief – River Island via ASOS.

I’ve never been a skimpy bikini person and I do love swimsuits, but the last couple of years I have swayed towards the idea of high waisted bikinis, and this summer they seem to be having their moment… so now is my time to experiment! I’m also quite pleased because bikinis tend to be a lot cheaper than swimsuits. I have put together some of my favourites from ASOS, and the best part is… I don’t need to match the bottoms to the top and spend a small fortune, no no no, I have chosen bikini bottoms that all go perfectly with a plain black bikini top! I toyed with the idea of the matching palm print bikini top, but unfortunately the top is a bustier top, meaning it is much longer than other bikini tops, and the one thing you should keep consistent is the shape of your bikinis so you can avoid ridiculous tan lines… I mean can we just take a moment to picture the massive white block that would be just below my chest if I wore the bustier first and then moved onto the bandeau … yeah well thank goodness for forward planning!

My saved list on ASOS is becoming huge, I love the fact that ASOS get rid of the items that have been in there longer than 60 days, because when I log back in and I don’t miss something then chances are I probably didn’t need it, however at the same time I hate it because I need everything of course! And if I saved it in the first place then it definitely had a place in my wardrobe… ahhh ASOS.

Agnes D.


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