Review | Models Own Velvet Goth Nails (Obsidian & Sardonyx)

I can’t believe that this is my 100th blog post, I have been putting it off for so long as I didn’t know what to say or what I wanted it to be on. But just quickly I want to say a huge thank you to every single reader of ‘Daisy’s Dreams’ for getting me this far, and giving me the confidence to keep on blogging. I must paint my nails about two to three times a week, where I get the time I have no idea, but you can guarantee that my room constantly smells like nail varnish remover! While in Boots the other day I saw an offer I couldn’t refuse, if you buy two Models Own nail polishes you got a free polish from the ‘Velvet Goth’ collection. So I picked up a Hed Kandi polish and two of the velvet polishes. 
Models Own Velvet Goth (Sardonyx) £5 ~ link

The great thing about Models Own is that all their nail varnishes are £5. It is such a bargain and they have such an extensive range from textured to scented nail polishes. This colour is absolutely perfect for Christmas, and I can’t wait to wear it when it actually becomes Winter and snow is upon us :) I applied a base coat before painting my nails but didn’t apply a top coat as I didn’t want to ruin the ‘velvet’ effect, and I was so amazed at how long it stayed on my nails, it has been on three days and only one nail has chipped! I don’t necessarily think the nail feels like velvet but I love the matte glitter effect. I applied two coats of the polish to get a stronger opaque colour.

The next polish I tried out was the ‘Velvet Nails’ in Obsidian (love the name) I am a big fan of dark nail polishes, I even wear them during the Summer (uh-oh! big no no according to Vogue) I was after a different kind of black which is when I stumbled across Obsidian…
Models Own Velvet Goth (Obsidian) £5 ~ link

Models Own always add the little finishing touches that complete a product, with the ‘Velvet Goth Collection’ each of the polishes has a velvet lid, and with their scented collections you can smell the scent on the lid as well…amazing! This colour is perfect for evenings out as it is still understated with a bit of glam ;) There are also large glitter pieces in this polish compared to the red, but it catches really nicely in the light…I had to apply three coats of this polish to get the full black effect. 

Who else has tried out the ‘Velvet Goth Collection’?
Lots of Love Daisy xoxo

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