Review | Milk_Shake Hair Care & TRESemme 60 Second Shot.

With all the hot weather in the UK recently and just getting back from New York where temperatures soared to 38º degrees some days, my hair was feeling a bit crisp and dehydrated. Back in April at the FABB events I received two great products by ‘Milkshake Hair Products’ the ‘Colour Maintainer Shampoo’ ~ link and the ‘Active Milk Mask Hair Treatment~ link I thought these would be the perfect combination for my hair. We got sample sized bottles so they lasted me about two weeks, but even after such a short space of time I noticed a difference in my hair… it became a lot smoother and easier to control as I have curly hair, and it felt more nourished and hydrated particularly the ends. I would be interested in buying the full sized version of these products and giving them a proper test run in comparison to my Redken obsession (and pssst they are a lot cheaper!)


For extra hydration I went a step further and bought the ‘Platinum Strength 60 Second Treatment Shot’ by TRESemme ~ linkThis stuff is absolutely amazing!! You leave it in your hair for a minute, avoiding the roots, so I mainly put it on the ends of my hair where it needed the most treatment and voila you come out with smooth hair, it really is just that easy. It prolonged me having to get my hair cut by an extra few weeks. This product is now well stocked up in my bathroom cabinet for unruly hair moments. 
Lots of Love Daisy xoxo
I recently went to the hairdressers, and told her about my dehydrated hair, joking that I needed suncream for my hair! When in fact she told me she genuinely puts suncream in her hair during the summer months to protect it. (genius!!) 


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