Review | MeMeMe ~ Beat The Blues Sunbeam.

With the summer coming to an end I want to keep a glowing look about my skin, and I have found an amazing dupe of Benefit’s Sunbeam and at a fraction of the price…£2.99!

I heard about the brand MeMeMe from receiving a nail polish in a previous glossybox but I haven’t really dabbled in the brand until now. I saw a blogger do a post on a website called ‘Cosmetic Fairy’ ~ link it is very similar to Fragrance Direct possibly even better, and I found a lot of the MeMeMe products.


Real Techniques Stippling Brush. MeMeMe Beat The Blues available from Cosmetic Fairy £2.99 ~ link.

I use my RT stippling brush to apply it after my foundation. You have to let your foundation sit for a while before applying this on your cheeks otherwise it mixes with the foundation rather than highlight your cheeks.




A little goes a long way, don’t put too much on otherwise it won’t blend properly.

I apply it on the tops of my cheeks and blend it in with my stippling brush, it gives my cheeks a nice dewy look for the rest of the day. I would probably keep this in my handbag just to top it up during the day but for £2.99 I can’t really complain. The applicator is like a nail polish brush which is perfect and means no wastage.

You guys should definitely check out Cosmetics Fairy as I also picked up some Urban Decay goodies!

Lots of Love Daisy xoxo

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