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Hope your weeks have been good, mine have been frantic with deadlines looming over me and first year is winding down now, scary to think it has already been a year! This time last year I was working part time and constantly worrying about what uni would be like? would I enjoy my course? will I make friends? It has been a strange journey one I have enjoyed, but alas I never want to be a first year ever again!! All the times you have to introduce yourself, tell your life story, the awkward parties the stupid drinking games and those friends that turn out you don’t really have much in common with but hey its freshers week so why not act like BFFs. Anyway those were my thoughts for the week, now onto the excitement that is facial scrub with vodka in, well why not? :)

Earlier in the week in between lectures and what not I managed to squeeze in a visit from my mum, she came into Newcastle to get her iMac fixed at the Apple store, unfortunately they have had to take it away for a while, so we pondered around Eldon Square, my mum was after some room diffusers from John Lewis I was nagging her saying I really want one, I need one to make my room at uni smell homely… but she didn’t fall for it. But I must have made her feel a little bit guilty as just opposite JL is Lush!!! Ooo the smell just draws you in. I wasn’t after anything in particular or so I thought.. turns out I wanted a face scrub. The lady serving us was so so lovely, and after great customer service with Apple this was so refreshing to have yet another lovely staff member serving us.
Ocean Salt Facial Scrub £6.95 for 120g ~ link
In the end I went with the ‘Ocean Salt’ Facial scrub, and I am telling you my face is loving me for it!!! I am a make up wipe person I use them morning and night, and thats about it. Luckily for me I seem to have inherited my mum’s skin, it is normal and I never ever get spots, so it requires little maintenance. But this scrub is something different, it has ‘lashings of fine sea salt to scrub and clean, organic limes to brighten and avocado butter to soften skin’ also with a hint of vodka ;) it literally feels like I am putting a cocktail on my face. It smells amazing and reminds me of mojitos. I have been using this all week morning and night. In the morning it really does brighten my skin, and feels so refreshing, (it also cleans your skin up giving the perfect base for your primer or foundation) and in the evening it makes me feel clean and ready for bed. It can also double up as a body scrub and is apparently really good for your feet, although I haven’t tried it yet. I will definitely be repurchasing this and I am with Lush on the plan to banish make up wipes as your sole use of a beauty regime.

4-up on 2013-04-27 at 20.45
Silly snaps and the end of my make up wipes!!!!
I absolutely adore Lush, and I am seriously missing having a bath at uni because the bath bombs are truly amazing. And on top of all this Lush is fresh so there are no nasty chemicals going onto your skin, and the product has a sell by date which makes sense! They are also against animal testing which a total bonus and more stores should have ethics like they do. Check them out here ~ link.
What are your favs from Lush?

Lots of Love Daisy xoxo


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      Aw thank you :) already following you I think. This stuff is amazing I tell you!! xo

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