Review | Hot Hair ~ Braided Wrap.

I was recently contacted by the people at ‘Hot Hair’ to sample one of their hair extensions as they are relaunching the brand in Selfridges. I’m not usually a fan of hair extensions as I’m not very good at putting them in and I don’t really go anywhere special enough to glam my hair up, but for once I did! My boyfriends Uncle turned 60 and the family were having a party in Formby. I had booked an appointment to get my hair put up, so along I went with my ‘Braided Wrap’ ~ link

I chose the colour ‘Warm Brown’ I was a bit sceptical ordering it online in case the colour wasn’t right, but it couldn’t have been more perfect. The Hot Hair website has a wide colour range and pictures to show you how the colour looks making it easy to choose.
This is how my hair ended up on the night, bet you can’t spot the ‘Hot Hair’ …
The hairdresser added some braids with my real hair to match the wrap. You can’t put direct heat onto the wrap but you can use hair products like hair spray. If you pin the hair the way you want it you can create curls that way. I danced away and the hair piece remained in place. The idea with this particular extension is that you can attach it to a bun, honestly I probably wouldn’t do that but it is nice to have this piece for special occasions in the future… like graduation! It adds thickness and volume, what more could you ask for! Hot Hair is inexpensive and perfect for special occasions, I have seen another blogger review their ‘Triple Twist Headband’ ~ link which would be something I wear on a more regular basis.
Lots of Love Daisy xoxo

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