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For those of you visiting New York City this summer be sure to check out their website ~ link before you come over and locate one of their many stores to visit!
I was first take to Sabon by my boyfriend Tom and his mum, the experience was so surreal that for the 10 minutes my hands were being washed I forgot I had a blog… I know right? That amazing! So of course I had to go back a second time, whilst wondering around SoHo I spotted Sabon and begged Tom not to get his hands done so that he could take pictures, for those of you that know the secret of Sabon this was a big ask.
Upon entering it feels like you have been transported to an old french monastery with a large stone sink in the middle, actually thinking about it you know in Harry Potter 2? When they discover the Chamber of Secrets in the girls bathroom with all the taps, the great sink is like that!
DSC_1336 copy 2 DSC_1339
The lovely ladies take you through different stages, starting off with a basic hand soap and progressing to exfoliating scrubs. I purchased their ‘Creamy Scrub’ in Chamomile Vanilla ~ link this scrub is not only packed full of exfoliating beads but it feels like a thick body moisturiser so when you come out of the shower if you are in a rush you don’t actually need to moisturise. Another of their products they use on you that I absolutely LOVE is their ‘Body Scrub’ I can’t remember what scent I chose but I like the sound of their ‘Lemon Mint Body Scrub’ ~ link
DSC_1335 copy
This stuff is amazing, this is the secret to the softest hands and skin ever! I can’t describe it well enough so here is what is written on the Sabon website…
The Lemon Mint Body Scrub brings even dry or damaged skin to life. This exfoliating body scrub clears away dead skin cells to allow your skin’s natural beauty to shine through. Begin using the product just twice a week, and you will see the transformation in no time. The mix of deep sea salt and other natural ingredients makes the removal of dead skin a gentle and nonabrasive process. Macadamia is the true secret to Sabon body scrubs’ exceptional results. The palmitoleic acid found in Macadamia oil is also a natural component of our skin. When used as a supplement, it helps the skin rediscover its youth and smoothness. No other product harnesses the skin’s own native properties in this natural and effective way. Regardless of your complexion or your age, the Lemon Mint Body Scrub lends your skin a pleasing lemony scent and lets your whole body beam like a ray of sunshine.’ 
After a wonder around SoHo and a quick snoop in Zara we walked up 5th Avenue and got the subway home. Here is what I wore to keep me cool on a very hot NYC day.
Sunglasses ~ Ray Bans // Top ~ Topshop ~ link // Bandeau ~ Monki ~ link // Shorts ~ Primark // Shoes ~ Minnetonka ~ link

DSC_1355 copy

Handbag ~ Lulu Guinness

Necklace ~ Primark

Hope you enjoyed this! And let me know if you have been before!

Lots of Love Daisy xoxo

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