Review | Essie ~ Wicked.

As I am walking along the streets of New York I pass a ‘drugstore’ nearly every block, CVS, DuaneReed, Walgreen… American drugstores are filled with make up and nail varnishes, more than even I, could shake a stick at. With the pound being a little stronger than the dollar I can pick up things quite cheaply, especially Essie nail varnishes, over in the UK they are £7.99 over here they are $8 which is about £5.50, just before I left I borrowed a colour called ‘Chocolate Cakes’ from a friend, I came over and have been searching everywhere for it but unfortunately it seems like the US don’t stock it… I picked up this colour ‘Wicked’ hoping it would be a brown shade and very similar it did look like it in the bottle, however it is actually a deep purple colour almost black, it is a beautiful sultry colour.

The only thing I have to ask, is have Essie changed their formula? I found the product very gloopy and hard to control. It took me a few attempts to ge the hang of it and put an even coat on. The purple in the sun really comes through and I love the glossy look the product finishes with.
DSC_1338 2

What are your favourite Essie colours?

Lots of Love Daisy xoxo



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