Review | Bulldog Natural Skincare ~ (A Man’s Best Friend… Not Anymore!)

For the last few Christmas’s and birthday’s I have bought my boyfriend a gift set from Bulldog Skincare whether it be a stocking filler or just something extra, he absolutely loves the range particularly their face scrub. The main unique selling point of the brand is that their products use all natural ingredients, you can find a full list of their ingredients over on their website ~ link. This tool is absolutely fantastic, as it lists each individual ingredient, which then all links to a separate page to explain the ingredient and then shows you what products use it. Go have a look for yourself it is brilliant, if only more companies did that!
‘The idea for Bulldog was born in 2005 when founder, Simon Duffy, was picking up products for his girlfriend. He noticed that there were no straightforward skincare options for men who wanted products packed with natural ingredients.’ 
Bulldog Original Face Scrub available at ~ link £5.10 for 100ml.
So we have established that this product is for men so your probably wondering why I am featuring it! Well, a couple of weeks ago my skin randomly broke out (I think it was a reaction to a certain new zesty gel moisturiser) and I had run out of my vitamin C microdermabrasion (worth reading my review as I will be repurchasing it ~ link) so I ‘borrowed’ my boyfriends Bulldog Original Face Scrub ~ link which is packed full of 8 essential oils, pumice, coconut shell, rosehip oil and shea butter to gently exfoliate the skin.’ and I haven’t looked back, a whole tube later and I am hooked, sold, whatever! This is now a regular in my day and night routine. It has drastically cleared up my skin in no time at all and leaves my skin feeling so fresh, the smell doesn’t come off too strong as it is of course masculine but I like it, it is one of those products that really cut to the chase and does what it says.
Having read even more on their website, which is definitely worth a gander just for their collection of customers Bulldogs alone ~ link look now thank me later!! (SO CUTE!) I will be branching out to try more of their products so watch this space girls (and boys). 
Lots of Love Daisy xoxo


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