Review | Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

Towards the end of last summer my skin started to misbehave. I don’t know whether it was an allergic reaction to a particular skincare product or whether it was diet, but I can finally say the spots are all gone and my complexion has more or less returned to normal. In the last few months my skin has changed from type ‘normal’ to ‘combination’ a bit annoying and it means I need to go out and get some new products, so any suggestions for combination, spot prone skin?

Alpha-H Liquid Gold has completely changed my skincare routine and is definitely the reason behind keeping the spots at bay. Before purchasing it, as it is quite expensive, I read a few reviews from a couple of my favourite bloggers, Elissa at Styleaffix and Emma at Milkteef, to see how they got on.


They both had rave reviews about ‘Liquid Gold’ and I am going to add to them! I bought my bottle from Look Fantastic for £31.50, I actually ended up getting it for about £28 as there was an offer somewhere on the site, which there usually is! It is 100ml bottle and has so far lasted me 3 months (and thats using it every other day) and it still has a lot more to give, I’d say at least another 3, you definitely get your moneys worth and it’s something I will be repurchasing.

After washing my face, and cleaning it with a face wipe to make sure everything is off, I then apply my toner and lastly just before bed I apply this on to 2 cottons pads and wipe it around my face focusing on any blemishes. It does tingle a little but particularly where there are any spots – this is the glycolic acid working its magic – I wake up with clean fresh skin and any blemishes I had are now calm and under control! I made the mistake of using this on my boyfriend one night and now every time he comes to stay he begs to use it or sneakily uses when he thinks I’m not looking… I have to say I may have used it in bribery for a cup of tea in bed :)


I think this is probably a cult blogger beauty product. How have other people got on with it?

Agnes D.

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