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Yes, you read correctly ‘No Such Thing As A Fish’ what am I barking on about today you ask? Well I thought each Tuesday┬áI would share with you all, exactly what I listen to on my morning commute to make it that bit better – until I run out of podcasts anyway. I never quite got onto Serial or This American Life but one day…


No Such Thing As A Fish is brought to you by the QI Elves, so each week it is packed full of interesting facts about anything and everything plus a whole lot of innuendos, giggling, jokes and witty banter. I often find myself laughing away on the train or my walk up to the tube – people must think I am odd. I really recommend this podcast to everyone, its just so hilarious and sometimes stupid. I have been listening to it for about 6 months now and it just never ever gets boring, like QI you are constantly learning tit bits of information that end up being used in pub quizzes or just around the dinner table. Some days I come back home and Tom thinks I’ve swallowed some weird encyclopedia.

QI Fish

Each week when I download my podcast to my phone, the title always catches my eye, things such as:

  • No Such Thing As Jellyfish Jelly
  • No Such Thing As An Ugly Pair Of Eyes
  • No Such Thing As Diarrhoea Drive
  • And so on…

So each week at some point in the podcast the title becomes clear, and you have that moment when your watching a film and they same the film title… ahhhh. So get downloading now and enjoy!!

Does anyone have any podcasts they can recommend?

Agnes D.


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