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Finally my fingers are on the keyboard – not for work related reasons – but for my little corner of the internet :) I haven’t felt like blogging in such a long time, I lost my mojo and also the ‘industry’ just felt alien to me. With all the talk on Twitter and the media on sponsored posts, people being ‘exposed’ it was all too much, expectations were too high. So I buried my head in the sand and just let the cobwebs takeover on Agnes Daisy.

Instead of storming in with a beauty related post, I just wanted to get a few things off my chest first. Since last talking with me I have changed jobs, Tom has gone back to university for the year so life has become a little lonely and I’ve stopped going to the gym – but less on that really … at least whilst I am hibernating for the winter, get off my back ok?

People that know me, know the inner details on changing jobs etc, those that have read my blog in the past know that I used to work for a cosmetics company called EX1. Its a very small company, in fact when I joined it was just me, the founder and one other girl. It was one of the best opportunities that has come along in my 24 years so far – it has been the catalyst to what I promise to myself, my mum, and everyone an exciting foot into the door of the Beauty Industry. Fast forward 13 months later I have found myself moving away from cosmetics and I am now working for an amazing American skincare brand called Murad. This brand is HUGE in the US – stocked in Sephora, Ulta etc. In the UK we are the fastest growing skincare brand – check us out :) my skin has never been better and of course I will, in time, share EVERYTHING I learn with you, my readers.

Whilst life is never straightforward and first jobs are never perfect, I definitely struggled… When looking for new jobs I would read endless Stylist pieces and take Buzzfeed quizzes on whether you were in the right job, or whether you should leave your current job. I mean at this point you could have put a Magic 8 ball in front of me and I would have just listened to it. But the one ‘thing’ I did take notice of, was my mum. She sent me such an amazing email, that I have saved (luckily for you!) the words are the very thing that didn’t make me just throw in the towel and QUIT, it kept me going until the bitter end. I want to share this with all of you, and I hope it helps.

“OK, so here’s the deal – you may as well benefit from my acquired wisdom which came too late to help me.


 Golden rules on job hunting.


1. It is easier to get a job when you’ve got a job.


2. Never walk out on a job – the view on the high moral ground is shit as is being permanently skint.


3. Always save for a rainy day. Call it your ‘Fuck Off’ account so if things get really bad at work you can say ‘Fuck Off’ and walk out knowing you’ve got at least six months pay in hand.


4. Network and save phone numbers and call people just to say hello so you don’t get known as someone who only calls when you want something.


5. Meet up for a coffee with at least one person from your past or that you have networked with every week even if for only half an hour. Don’t forget family, godmothers/godfathers and family friends.¬†


6. Try not to leave any workplace under a cloud – London is still a village and people talk.


7. Always smile – no one likes a victim or a whinger. No one wants to know if you’re ill – only me.


8. If your job is no longer fun then get out – life is too short and you’re a long time dead.


9. Absorb office gossip but try not to get sucked in. If someone says so and so is awful make your own mind up before you start forming opinions.


10. Surround yourself with friends in the workplace but don’t let the talentless ones bring you down. You can’t soar with eagles if you work with turkeys.


Big kisses



I hope this helps at least one person, keep an eye on this space because I am back in business. I have lots to share with you :)


Agnes D.


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