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My birthday was last week, and I had the most wonderful time – some of my closest friends from university came round, Tom and I cooked a lovely Mexican meal and I got to spend it with some fab people eating beautiful food and drinking lots of wine. It was my 23rd birthday, and it got me thinking about previous birthdays growing up and what I had been doing all those years ago, so off I went sifting through some old photos and this is what I found in the deep dark realms of my computer and facebook (friends from the past don’t kill me for republishing some of these horrors lol).

Starting with my 16th birthday… this is one of the first ‘big’ birthday celebrations I remember. I went up to my friends Sarah’s in Dumfries, Scotland, and we had one of my favourite meals, lasagne, garlic bread and rose. We spent hours getting ready, literally! From fake tan, to extensions, fake eyelashes… I mean just look at us…

16th Birthday Dumfries

Although I genuinely cringe at this photo, it does make me smile and remember how much fun we had :)

Moving swiftly onto my 17th birthday, I went for a more classy look here, more natural lets say. For my 17th my two friends Steph and Georgina joined me and my mum in London for dinner at the Soho Hotel. The three of us then went on to watch Ross Noble at the theatre round the corner. We had such a fun time, followed on by an ‘illegal’ night out in Soho – where I quickly learnt how fun gay bars are! Table dancing followed by karaoke anyone? Steph? Gee?

Agnes Daisy Birthday Post

My 18th birthday ahhh one of the most memorable – the fake tan made a strong reappearance, and so did my closest friends from secondary school! We went for a beautiful Moroccan meal, followed by the ice bar and then onto Mahiki!

18th Birthday London

Fabulous ladies!

My 19th birthday – things had changed, I met Tom at the beginning of the year, finished my A-Levels and didn’t know what was next. Tom’s parents moved to New York and his eldest brother was getting married in Virginia, so we hopped on a plane to the states, and I woke up 19 in New York. Our first holiday and a whirlwind tour of New York was the perfect way to celebrate.

Agnes Daisy

We ate my birthday meal at Hooters, I gave away my lucky $2 note by accident and Tom put the ice cream cake in the fridge… all in all a great birthday!

My 20th birthday – probably my least favourite so far. I had only started university a few days prior and all my friends from previous birthdays were scattered around the country… none the less Tom cooked my favourite meal – lasagne :) pretty much the same meal as I had on my 16th, and will continue to have at many more birthdays.

Agnes Daisy1

21! Into my second year at Newcastle uni, I got on the train to meet my mum in London who treated me to a fashionistas afternoon tea at The Berkley – one of the best I’ve had! It was a day filled with lots of special treats and a couple of blue boxes with white ribbon.


So naturally the following birthday wasn’t going to be as amazing, my 22nd was small but sweet. Me and three of my closest uni friends went for dinner at the Fat Buddah in Newcastle – food, wine and gossip, perfect!
Agnes Daisy2

Love these girls xx

And the birthday that got me reminiscing, my 23rd..

Agnes Daisy3

Oh how I have changed! This was a special birthday because it is another birthday with Tom and our first in London with proper full time jobs. So he took me to the Oxo Tower on the Friday night and the Saturday night we celebrated with all of our friends.

Writing this has moved me from tears to happiness, remembering all of these memories have been really special and will only encourage me t0 take more and more photos to capture every special moment.

Hope this encourages you guys to look back at more photos from the past :)

Agnes D.



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