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Back in January, Tom and I had a couple of weeks off university whilst everyone else was doing exams, lucky for us we had none! So we took a trip up to Edinburgh with Tom’s brother Andrew and mum Caroline to see their great aunt who lives in Edinburgh. It was a very quick trip but we managed to get up to St.Andrews, which I was SO excited about – yes yes massive Kate & Wills fan right here. It was the cutest little place ever, so beautiful and full of lovely independent shops and restaurants.

We wanted a light lunch as we had been eating out a lot in the evenings and after a lot of deliberation over pubs and Nandos, we thought we would go somewhere we’ve never been – or heard of – something unique to St.Andrews. It was called Dakota Grill.



They had a lovely selection of children’s books for families.


It was so long ago that I can’t even remember what I had, but I do remember it was delicious. We were all satisfied and happily full. So if you are ever visiting St.Andrews I definitely recommend this place, it seemed quite popular with the students as well.

Agnes D.


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