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Well it has been a while since I last sat down and wrote a blog post, part of me feels like I’ve lost my blogging ‘mojo’ and the other half of me is having so much fun right now I’ve taken an unexpected break. The last three summers now I have been lucky enough to visit New York City for substantial periods of time, and every year before I come I have all these plans, outfits, things to do, city guides etc. and it all just goes to ‘pot’ really, because I become so entranced by the city and so caught up in the New York life. Today the weather has been less than great, so I don’t even know if I am going to venture out of the apartment… perfect time to plan a few posts and share with you at least one thing I have done since I have been here!

Earlier in the Summer I read Amelia Liana’s blog about the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in SoHo, NYC. I knew it was something I wanted to do with my boyfriends mum Caroline, whilst one of Tom’s friends were visiting. We wondered into the lab one day thinking we could just walk in and make our own lipstick, but they have been really popular over the last few months so we had to make an appointment for about 2 weeks later (so if you are visiting NYC anytime soon and want to do this I would recommend ringing/emailing ahead or popping in as soon as you arrive).

Caroline and I had been talking about what lipstick colour we were after, Caroline wanted a true red but ended up going for a dark brown red slightly pinkier than Chanel Rouge Noir, I had also wanted a classic red but at the last moment I wanted a lipstick I could wear everyday, something peachy and nude.

First of all you are seated in front of some mirrors… quite essential really! Its quite nice each person gets their own space.


This is me sat in front of one of the mirrors #shamelessselfie



These are a selection of the pigments the lab lady chooses from.

Next up she gets some, what I know as, projector paper which is like laminate paper I suppose…


These are two attempts, I actually took three attempts to achieve my shade. It turned out the lady nailed it on the first go!

Now for Carolines…



Caroline’s also took three attempts and I think she got hers on the third one!

You also get to choose your finish, whether you want it to be creamy, matt, shimmery it’s all up to you! And the ladies are so helpful, explaining what each finish achieves.


You then choose your flavour, I chose wild blueberries as it is quite subtle… I was tempted by the mint but it was quite empowering. Alternatively you can choose not to have a scent, which is what Caroline chose to do.

The next few bits are the technical bits that turn all of these pigments into a lipstick as we know it!




IMG_0211The whole process takes about 30/45 minutes… the pigments are melted down in a special microwave, put in a mixture to make sure everything is blended evenly and then frozen for about 5/7 minutes in moulds. You get given a card at the end which you take back when you run out of your lipstick so don’t lose the card!!

The end result is your very own customised lipstick!!! You even get to choose the lid. For the two of us it cost $78 in total, some of the different finishes cost a bit extra. I hope like Amelia did for me, this blog post inspires people to go and visit and make their own lippy!

Agnes D.



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