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Gosh. Tuesday has come around quickly! I have such a hectic week coming up, I am already looking forward to the weekend :)

This week I bring you another podcast that keeps me company on the horrible rush hour journey to work, and it is by my favourite online shopping destination ASOS!

2000x2000srThis podcast is very good to listen to in the mornings, it is so motivational and inspirational. Everyone who is featured on the podcast has created their own business, whether its cosmetics, clothes or a PR company – the interview of courses focuses around their Big Idea, that moment when everything changed. I have so much respect for the people that just decide one day that they are packing up their current jobs to go into something challenging but exactly what they want. I’m not sure whether I have a Big Idea yet, and I do love my job – but I hate 9-5 Monday – Friday…. but watch this space, you never know!

One of my favourite interviews has been with the creator of MDM Flow Lipsticks, Florence Adepoju – I am yet to try one of her lipsticks but it is on the pay day wish list! It is amazing to see what she studied and where she got to today.


Other good episodes have been the creators behind Meringue Girls and Made in Chelsea’s own Amber Atherton who created jewellery line My Flash Trash. It is the perfect podcast for anyone to listen to who is interested in starting their own business, its amazing to hear what each person did at university, or whether they even went to uni… each person has their own experience and path of how they got into the fashion or beauty industry.

The podcast is available on the iTunes store on the podcast app or they are all available to listen to here.


Agnes D.


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