Food Review | Byron Burger ~ London.

The Easter holidays are well underway now, and I am fully enjoying being in London and not in Newcastle. I have missed this city SO much. So the other night Tom and I decided to try out a ‘new’ (new to us anyway as we have been at uni) burger place that has opened down the road from his house called Byron Burger. I have heard of this chain before and read it on other people’s blogs so I was pretty excited to see what they hype was about. We went with his brother and wife and a few friends, there were 7 of us in total, it turned out to be a really lovely evening of catching up and seeing people we hadn’t seen since Christmas (not much had changed) but I thought I would do a quick review on what I thought and why it is so popular in London!

Now I’m not really a meat eater, and not a fan of beef burgers but whenever there is a chicken burger on the menu I usually opt for that, especially grilled and not fried as it is a lot healthier. The menu is very simple giving you an option of about 8 burgers, ranging from chicken, beef, lamb and vegetarian.



I was SO happy when this arrived as it was grilled chicken and not fried. The presentation is simple and not fussy which goes in theme with the decor of the restaraunt. It takes ‘casual dining’ to a new level. The walls were decorated with corrugated iron with plastic cows, so really going for the minimal look.

The only annoying thing is that the burger doesn’t come with sides, so you have to order those separately and get a varied choice of chips macaroni cheese (never understand it as a side dish this is a main meal people!) and onion rings. I shared my side and that was plenty for me there was no way I could manage a whole side to myself.

It is very rare that I completely finish a meal but I certainly gave it a good go and those of you who know me will be pretty impressed at the next picture :)



All in all my Byron ‘experience’ was fab, I would definitely go back again. It is the perfect place for a catch up with friends or even a casual date. For a chicken burger it was £8.75 which I think it pretty acceptable for a chain in Central London, and a side of french fries was £2.95 which isn’t bad if your sharing.

Check their menu out here: Byron Hamburgers

They have several chains around London and I highly recommend them :)

Lots of Love Daisy xoxo



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