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University. Is. Over.

I can’t quite believe it, the last 3 years of being a student has finally come to an end. Graduation is around the corner, and the pressure to find a job is now becoming more and more, as the lazy days turn into naps and Netflix on repeat. I have genuinely lost track of what day it is, and all sense of routine and normality has been thrown out of the window. I have been meaning to post this blog post for a month, so forgive me! And enjoy the long summer evenings…

I have had a whirlwind few days, on the 22nd of April Tom and I handed in our dissertations, on the 23rd it was my mums birthday so we went out to a lovely restaurant to celebrate and on the 24th – Tom and I had been together four 4 years. So we decided to celebrate the milestone by going to Durham for the day. We felt like a change of scenery since we have been in Newcastle for the last 3 years, Tom had also never been to Durham so I thought it was about time he saw it, especially since it is a 10-15 minute train ride from Newcastle.

We got off the train and went straight for the Cathedral, it is such a magnificent building and really sets the beautiful historic scene of Durham, whilst there I very much wished I had gone to Durham University, it was quaint, charming and very little shopping so maybe by bank balance and mum would have thanked me ;). We paid an extra £5 each to climb all of the steps up to the Cathedral tower, and my goodness it was worth it, the views were absolutely stunning.

IMG_8446x xxxxSo after enjoying the views we set about getting lunch, we decided on ‘Bills‘ I have heard of it before, but never visited one. Newcastle doesn’t have one, yet … there are rumours one is fast approaching the Toon along with a Byron Burger. But, that will all be after I have left, shame, but London is awaiting me! Although this isn’t advertised as a Greek restaurant a lot of their dishes had a Greek theme.

We started with Calamari Rings…

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender IMG_8439Tom had an elderflower cordial drink and I had Bills pink lemonade, the attention to detail was lovely, with the fresh fruit in the drinks, it made us feel like we weren’t just sat in Durham.

Even though we were having a BBQ that evening, Tom, of course, went with a burger, and I had the marinated chicken skewers, which were delicious.

xx xxx FullSizeRender (4)
I would highly recommend Bills to anyone passing through Durham, and if not they have 18 alone in London, and over 50 in the UK!!

Agnes D.


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