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The weather has most definitely changed here in London over the last couple of weeks, the leaves are turning brown and falling off and the mist is seeping in in the mornings. So naturally the coats are being pulled out of the deep dark realms of my wardrobe and being put on the pegs – but just like all young fashionistas last year’s coats are just a little worn and sad so I have been craving a new one to see me through the winter.

In my job I have to read magazines on a daily basis, from Vogue and Porter to Grazia and Look, so there is a real mixture of trends from the catwalk to the high street. I have noticed on my daily commute more and more people wearing ‘Cape Coats’, but with the fashion revival of the 60s and 70s pea coats are cropping up all over the place. Here is my selection of my favourite coats this season.

The Cape Coat

This is one of the first ones I saw on the high street, it was on a mannequin in the Oasis shop window and I just fell in love. I love the style but also the little detailing of the buttons, it gives a nice shape to the coat so it doesn’t look like you are just wearing a blanket… which lets be honest we wish we could get away with!

The Camel Coat

Like the Trench Coat, Camel coloured coats never seem to go out of style. The only camel coloured coat I own is my Mac Trench Coat, although this coat from Oasis has my bank card doing a little dance on the table. I love the fit of it, very Autumnal, although I don’t think this would keep me warm during Winter in London.

The Robe Coat

So I first spotted this coat on ASOS, and I was umming and ahhing over it, but the thing that has nearly sealed the deal is I spotted an article in the November issue of Vogue about how The Robe Coat is ‘in’. If ever to be a sucker for marketing like that, it would be me. Working in the industry I thought I might of learnt by now… My only concern is, does is actually look like I am wearing a dressing gown?!

The Cocoon Coat

And finally, because we all want to feel like we are in a Cocoon for the winter and shine like a butterfly in the summer… This coat is definitely cosy, but there is a danger of it being too oversized and drowning out your body shape making you look very odd. But ASOS have solved the problem by adding a belt which gives it a lovely touch.

What is your favourite coat style for A/W?

Agnes D.


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