Fashion | Outfit Of The Day ~ Statue Of Liberty, NYC.

My third visit to New York and I still hadn’t done the Statue of Liberty, well I can now say I have! aaaaaand further more I made it up to her crown!!! Once Tom and I had reached the crown it was amazing to think about where we were but also I was trying not to freak out at how high we were and the teeny tiny spiral staricases. I wouldn’t say this is a number one tourist attraction to do, but I am so glad I have now done it, we were a bit disappointed that Ellis Island was closed due to hurricane Sandy but that is on our to do list next year. I got some amazing pictures and all in all had a lovely day.
Looking back at Manhattan from the boat.
Amazing view.


Finally made it after a few wobblies!


The view from the crown.

And here is what I wore…

Statue of Liberty

Top ~ Topshop ~ link // Bandeau ~ Monki ~ link // Skirt ~ Topshop

Statue of Liberty1-1

Shoes ~ Aldo

Lots of Love Daisy xoxo


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  1. July 26, 2013 / 12:18 am

    Ah this post really made me smile as I have photo’s of myself with the Manhatten skyline in the background, but there’s no world trade centre as it was five years ago and it hadn’t been built up that much yet. It’s lovely to see the new WTC dominating the skyline now!

    I hope your having an amazing trip!

    Ash :-)

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