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I officially broke up for the Easter holidays last Friday, but unfortunately I’m not going home just yet as I have so much work to do for uni. So I am stuck up in the North East for a little bit longer. I love that the days are longer and lighter, it means walking home from the library is nice – if the weather isn’t misbehaving – which it usually is.

I have a lot of things to look forward to though, my summer is filling up fast. It’s all I can think about when I am doing my work. I finish second year on the 15th of May and just a week later I have 2 weeks work experience at The Observer, I can’t wait! Although my degree is in Town Planning, I have a keen interest in journalism – particularly the fashion and beauty industries. Just because I don’t do journalism, PR or English at university doesn’t mean I can’t go into journalism – Alexandra Shulman studied social anthropology and had no intention of going into journalism like her parents, but I’m sure I can speak for all of us Vogue lovers, SO glad she did.

These photos were taken just after new year, maybe even new years day… I can’t even remember! And for those of you who read Millie Mackintosh’s Style Diary, you will recognise my outfit straight away.


Cream Fur Gilet – Rare London.


Boots – Topshop (old)

I’m pretty sure the weather was warmer in January than it is now!

C09A5940 C09A5968

Agnes D.


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