Fashion | First Thoughts on The Tessie Collection by Mulberry.

Back in April Mulberry announced that they were going to start making more affordable bags, because in the last four years some of their classic bags have gone up by 60%. An Alexa bag, inspired by the oh so fashionable Alexa Chung, will set you back well over a grand! Not very student friendly, or parent friendly according to my mum! But now Mulberry have graced us with The Tessie range, which is slightly more affordable, but not by much… I think Mulberry have big competition from brands such as Michael Kors, where one of their classic totes will set you back just over £300. (I say just, this is still a lot of money for someone my age, and even if I did have the money, handbags that cost more than £20/£30 don’t need to be bought very often!) Here is my selection of my favourites from Mulberry’s new collection.

The Tessie Tote in Oak Soft Small Grain £595. I love shape of this bag, kind of reminds me of the Zara city bag, the colour is perfect for all year round, and for city and beach holidays.

Tessie Hobo Oxblood Soft Small Grain £695. The thing I absolutely love about this bag is how slouchy it is, and relaxed. The colour is also beautiful and perfect for A/W or just the general weather here in the UK. However at £695 it is still pretty pricey, but in relative terms to Mulberry’s other collections it is about 50% cheaper.

Tessie Small Satchel Black Soft Small Grain £495. These little bags always come in so handy, but more so for the summer and evenings out (I carry far too many things in my bag during the day) I usually pick up one of these from Primark or New Look when I’m in a rush, but for the moment I wouldn’t be too happy spending nearly £500 on it. I think Mulberry need to expand into other colours than just black. The Tessie range seems to be very Autumn/Winter centric.

What does everyone else think of the new range? Affordable?

Agnes D.


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