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Admittedly this post was meant to go out yesterday, but this timeline of my day will show you exactly why it didn’t!

8am – The day started with rummaging through my wardrobe, panicking about what to wear! I went with this outfit from ASOS, paired with some black leather leggings – comfort is key when backstage!

10am – This was my first fashion week, so naturally I wanted to feel and look good (even though I was only going to be backstage). I set off in the morning to Blow Ltd in Covent Garden to make sure my hair was looking slick, my hair is the one thing I truly feel uncomfortable about, so once that was under control I felt great!


Blow Covent Garden

I went for the ‘Beach Waves’ – for £30 it includes a shampoo/conditioner and styling :) they also offer you iPads to browse with whilst you get your hair done.

12pm – Despite the weather trying to ruin it all, I managed to sneak in a peppermint tea before leaving the office for Soho…


Calm before the storm of London Fashion Week

FullSizeRender (1)

Hair done, make up done and in an Uber on the way to Soho!

2pm – 7pm – So I was backstage for the PPQ show as I work for cosmetics company EX1, we were the official make up sponsors for the show and we had top make up artist Maxine Leonard on board the team. After a crazy day/evening the key to being backstage is wear black, wear comfortable shoes and be as helpful as possible! There is always something going on, always someone to natter to and plenty of gorgeous models and make up to stare at!!


MUA Maxine Leonard in action

The whole day was fantastic! But very very tiring, I ended up going to bed at 9:30pm after demolishing this…

Regina Pizza Nonas Swiss Cottage

Pizza before bed, nom nom nom – the diet starts again tomorrow! ;)

I am so pleased I only have to do this once this season! I met a journalist who is doing 14 shows on Sunday… eek!!

Agnes D.



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