Event | Cals Own, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Another event in the Toon! I am so pleased that we are getting more and more events this year, it is so lovely seeing all the #NEBloggers in the same room, mingling and swapping tips. Earlier in the week I was invited to Cals Own in Heaton to celebrate their 2nd birthday. Heaton is quickly becoming the Shoreditch of Newcastle, it used to have quite a bad rap, however in the last 2 years it has turned itself round and is a popular spot for foodies, with The Butterfly Cabinet being my absolute favourite place for breakfast/brunch. Cals Own serves Brooklyn Style Pizza Pies, and let me tell you they are absolutely delicious. As well as specialising in pizzas, they do serve calzones and we sampled the extra pizza toppings you can have, the meatballs were absolutely huge but delicious. Here is a little picture diary of my night.

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The food was absolutely amazing, the meatballs were really good quality and the sausages … deliciousssss. The pizza came out towards the end, which at that point I was already nursing a small food baby, however I had room for a slice and it was fantastic. Having visited the USA a few times this pizza is on par with the New York/Brooklyn style. The event was a mixture of guests and some of Cals best customers, which happened to be 2 customers from Brooklyn/Tennesse who also vouched that this is the best pizza they’ve had outside the US!! So girls and boys, you better get yourself to trendy Heaton. Cals is a 7 minute walk from Chillingham Road metro.

Agnes D.


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