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Surprisingly I’ve never shared with you my top foundations. I think it is probably because I am one of those people that wears a different foundation a day in a bid to eventually use them all up and move onto the next foundation. It is VERY rare that I will repurchase a foundation, however in this line up there are definitely 2/3 I would repurchase, and a nice little plus is there are some ‘drugstore’ foundations and high end ones in the mix – something for everyone.

Swatches: (L-R) Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Shade 6 Medium // EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear Foundation Shade 3.0 // Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation Shade Y245 Soft Sand // L’Oreal True Match Lumi Shade W4 // NARS Sheer Glow Shade Fiji

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation – Light Coverage

£32 John Lewis

I bought this foundation through a recommendation, Tom’s cousin actually – I went up to Liverpool last Easter and she dragged (let’s be honest no one is dragging me to a beauty hall, I will sprint and beat you to it!) me to the Charlotte Tilbury counter in John Lewis, of course I had heard of CT but I hadn’t actually bought anything so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I picked up a few little bits and ended up spending a fortune, the downside? This stuff ain’t cheap. Instead of opting for the Magic Foundation which is the one that had had the most press and was being talked about in the bloggersphere, I bought Light Wonder. For starters I like the packaging and instead of getting just 30ml which is standard for foundations this is 40ml, so you do get more bang for your buck. I knew I didn’t need another medium coverage foundation, instead I wanted something light and wearable for everyday… I was slightly more tanned at the time which is why it looks like ‘mud’ in the swatches, but even now in the middle of winter it still looks fab! No weird ‘slag lines’ going on around my jawline it just manages to blend seamlessly in. And true to the name, my skin just glows when I wear this foundation and I have to say this is often the foundation I am wearing when people are like ‘What foundation are you wearing?’.

Rating 5/5 *Repurchase fo sho!

EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear Foundation – Light to Medium Coverage

£12.50 LookFantastic

So, where to start with this one hey? Well I was first introduced to this foundation when I actually worked for the company but less said about that the better. All in all this is one of my favourite foundations because of the true yellow pigments within the formula. This is another brand that now caters for those with yellow/olive undertones. It is a light coverage but definitely buildable. I wouldn’t say it is ‘invisible’ but it is very skin like and again is a foundation where your skin just glows. Another fab thing is the price point, just £12.50 which is amazing. Everyone I have passed a bottle onto is completely hooked. I was lucky enough to be gifted nearly a years supply of my shade when I left so I won’t need to repurchase any anytime soon ;)

Rating 4/5 *Repurchase when I run out…

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation – Medium to Full Coverage 

£29 Debenhams

Like every other blogger and their mother I was watching YouTube and everyone was going on and on about this foundation. So whilst in New York last year and on one of my many Sephora visits, I decided to pick it up and see what all the fuss was about. I have to say, it is a pretty flipping amazing foundation. The coverage is medium to full, so you can apply one coat for a medium coverage and build it up in areas where you want fuller coverage. What makes it so unique is the true yellow pigments, for someone like me who has a slight olive tinge to their skin, it instantly creates an even toned canvas. Pink tinged foundations look truly awful on anyone with yellow/olive undertones, it sort of looks like the foundation has oxidised which is never a good look. The plus about Make Up Forever is that you can get it in the UK now via Debenhams.

Rating 4/5 * Repurchase fo sho!

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation – Medium Coverage 

£10.99 Boots

My most recent trip to New York I decided to delve into a true ‘drugstore’ foundation – my last drugstore foundation was the Bourjois Healthy Mix, which they have now reformulated and I am yet to try or am I? So the reason I haven’t used ‘cheaper’ foundations is because I always pick up the wrong shade, no matter is going on, and this is also because I am pretty fussy. As you can see in the swatches above this foundation is a shade or two darker than the rest. It is a lovely foundation, very dewy giving me a lovely glow, but unfortunately it is the wrong shade for now – I am at my palest after all. I think I will probably give it another whirl in the summer after a holiday or two sunbathing. I also seem to have picked up a version that you can’t get over here, so I think a trip to Boots for further research is in order, don’t you? :)

Rating 3/5 *Wouldn’t repurchase.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation – Light to Medium Coverage

£32 Space NK (pump not included)

This had been on my list to purchase for quite sometime, and it was only really at the end of last year that I was walking through John Lewis and my wallet jumped out of my bag onto the NARS counter – where not only did I purchase this foundation but also the concealer too. Both products have received such incredible awards within the beauty industry and a couple of close friends of mine swear by the combination. And I have to agree with every beauty lover/junkie/editor/writer – this foundation is the dogs bollocks. It is the perfect coverage for everyday, it doesn’t clog my skin or look cakey and you can still see my freckles through it too. If you want to quickly top up your make up for the evening it also provides a medium coverage but still giving that dewy glow and allowing your skin to shine through. The only slight draw back is having to buy the pump separately, but now I have the pump I don’t need to re buy that part again… every cloud.

Rating 4.5/5 * Repurchase fo sho!


Are any of these your favourites? Share with me yours :)

Agnes D.



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