Beauty Review | Soap & Glory Supercat Eye Liner Pen Carbon Black Extreme.

I love a good eyeliner flick, but I don’t tend to wear it every single day – just on special occasions and when my eyes need a bit of a pick me up. I purchased this in Boots on a 3 for 2, gets me every time! I had read a load of amazing reviews from some of my favourite bloggers, so I quickly put it into my basket and haven’t looked back. It just doesn’t compare to other drugstore eye liners, I have the L’Oreal one and well it just isn’t as good as this one.


The great thing about this eyeliner being so thin, is that you can build it up to any thickness you want, so sometimes I just want to add a bit of definition to part of the eye and other days I want to do a full on smokey cleopatra look – well this is just the perfect tool for all. The consistency is smooth and shiny which I quite like, but obviously if you are going for a matte effect this isn’t for you. I have quite a shaky hand, especially when I am putting anything near my eye, so I have never got on with the liquid eye liner pots and dipping it in and out, so this pen is just great. It gives me a steady hand, and allows me to put the eyeliner on straight! I tend to wear this without priming my eyes first and it lasts all day! It doesn’t fade and the carbon black is just super! Blackest of all blacks. Amazing. This liquid eyeliner costs a mere £6 and I just couldn’t recommend it enough. Who else loves it as much as me!?

Soap and Glory are such a popular brand and they sure live up to expectations here.

Agnes D.



  1. sophie warner
    February 20, 2015 / 1:10 pm

    Ah I swear by this. I’ve lost count of the amount I’ve purchased. By far the best eyeliner I’ve ever had!

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