Beauty Review | Phyto Phytolisse Ultra-Glossing Finishing Serum

As I’ve said before in my little corner of the internet, my hair is my biggest beauty challenge. It is naturally curly, frizzy and unruly! Not a great combination. However, I have been using this product for a year or so, and have finally decided to share it with you all. I’ve actually had this bottle for so long that in the interim Phyto have changed the packaging, so I have included my original photos and a stock photo of the new bottle!

Phyto 4

Firstly, in case you didn’t already know Phyto is a French brand, Parisian to be specific. The complete hair range consists of highly concentrated plant-based solutions – which work amazingly on the hair as they are natural and packed full of vitamins. I was first introduced to the brand by my hairdresser in London, and I’ve honestly not used another ‘finishing’ serum or spray since.

Phyto 1 Phyto 2
As you can see from my photos I have loved this bottle to death! I do like the look of the new bottle, and I am hoping the formula is exactly the same. My only annoyance at a bottle that is opaque is that you can’t see when the liquid is coming to an end :( or how much product has been wasted!

You literally only need a small amount of product – a little goes a long way – the nice thing about it though is if you end up with too much on your hair it doesn’t weigh it down at all as the formula is so lightweight. After blow drying each section of my hair I put a drop onto each section to lock in the blow dry and to calm any flyaway hairs. To finish off the look I put some all over as I have lots of baby hairs on the top of my head – this leaves my hair feeling so silky and with an added shine that lasts until my next wash. I can’t recommend this product enough, and even more the brand! Phyto is available from or if you are on holiday in France stocking up on Bioderma in the pharmacy – this should be available there too ;)

Has anyone ever tried Phyto before?

Agnes D.


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