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In less than a week I am off to France! I can’t wait, just to be relaxing in glorious weather with absolutely delicious french food… seems like heaven right now compared to the stuffy office I am in. In the meantime I am going to be suuuuper busy so hopefully the times flies!! I finishing working at the PR company tomorrow and on Friday morning I am off to my dads house in Hastings to see my sister and step mum – hoping for good weather so we can have a little BBQ on the beach. I thought I would share with you guys a product that has been invaluable to me throughout the summer months and is the perfect companion when travelling.

I don’t actually suffer from puffy eyes, but there is nothing more refreshing than this gel when it is boiling hot outside or the skin around your eyes needs extra hydration because of the air conditioning on the plane. It is more of a high end product but it has lasted me well over a year.

‘Origins No Puffery™, an incredibly cooling roll on treatment with Yeast Extract, instantly helps de-puffs your eye area as it brightens the look of dark circles. All while Hoelen Mushroom Extract helps calm skin to help keep the look of visible redness from settling in.’

If I have had a late night or been er drinking the night before then a quick dab of this on to the eyes when you wake up, makes you feel so much better. The cooling gel wakens up the eyes and gives your skin a really refreshing boost. I also use this gel if I am sunbathing and it has all become a bit too hot outside, a quick top of this on the eyes and it cools the face down. Finally this handy little tube is perfect for packing in your hand luggage, most peoples skin becomes extremely dehydrated after flying, so a couple of times throughout the flight I will pop some of this on just to help the delicate skin around my eyes.

The packaging is fuss free and fits easily in your handbag or make up bag, I also like the silver ball as it is cooling but help keeps the product clean and bacteria free!

Agnes D.



  1. July 2, 2014 / 3:48 pm

    This looks fab! You’re right I bet it would be so lovely on a hot day or a flight, I hadn’t thought of using an eye gel like that before!


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