Beauty Review | Origins Modern Friction for the Body.

This is such a staple product for me, ever since my lovely god mum treated me to a tub (yeah that was a while ago!) I have been addicted… it is perfect for the winter months to achieve smooth and nourished skin and in the summer it is a necessity on holiday to achieve a flawless tan!

Origins is quite a high end brand and this product is no exception, for 200ml it is £32, but you only need a small amount and this bottle has lasted me a good few months! It is a product that is to be used every couple of weeks I’d say, as it is quite a strong scrub – definitely not to be used on the face!


The formula kind of looks like oatmeal, this is what Origins says…

Glowing results are apparent after just one treatment with Origins Modern Friction for the Body. Bodies reveal decreased appearances of crepiness and freckling. Skin feels so sleek and satiny the years seem to slip away. One more perk: the aromas of Bergamot and Lemon.

The smell is truly lovely and relaxing, it has a very spa feel to it! Unlike most body scrubs you apply this to dry skin before you get in the bath/shower, it is quite a thick and sticky formula so you do have to persevere,  you have to work it into the skin really buffing it in places where there is dry skin like elbows, knees and feet, you then hop into the shower and do more of a massaging motion than buffing and then rinse it off. You will be left with really silky skin, I always moisturise afterwards and my body is super smooth!

Because this is quite a high end product it makes a lovely gift or spoiling yourself as a treat. I don’t think I would consistently buy it… not at the moment as I am a student, but maybe when I am older… there are other scrubs on the market that have a much lower price range that do the job, but maybe not as well.

Have you guys tried this?

Agnes D.


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