Beauty Review | Morrocan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask.


It seems like so long ago now that the Summer was here… It is now December, Jack Frost has been and snow is definitely on its way!! Whether it is ice cold outside, or boiling hot my hair is quite temperamental – it becomes dry and dehydrated very quickly. So whatever the weather my curly frizzy hair needs moisture – it  can never have enough. Although I do switch up what I use from Summer to Winter, this masque is perfect for all year round.


As you can see the formula is quite thick and luxurious, it also smells divine! My hairdresser told me that whilst on holiday if I wash my hair put a bit of this in after I’ve had a shower, like a leave in treatment, so that when I went in the pool the chlorine didn’t attack my hair but also it protected my hair from sun damage too. My hair felt very soft, and conditioned and not at all greasy because I left some of the product in, which can sometimes happen with leave in conditioners. My hair is also quite fine and it didn’t effect this either. I would highly recommend this product to everyone … especially hair that is in need of hydration this Winter. Available from LookFantastic £24.75 (Currently 20% off at the moment too use code FALLBACK)

Agnes D.


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