Beauty Review | Lush Imperialis Facial Moisturiser.


If you follow me on twitter or happen to know me! You will know that in the last year my skin has been on a rough journey, last summer my skin became very acne prone – it seems to of settled down now but is definitely sensitive and can’t decide whether it is oily or dry.

I went into my local Lush store looking for a solution, something that was organic and didn’t contain chemicals! (as if I needed more aggravation to my skin) The lady recommended ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ as a cleanser, which I will be reviewing soon, and then this moisturiser ‘Imperialis’. Which I quickly snapped up for £12.95.

It smells so beautiful and organic with hints of lavender. This is what Lush says about it…

A light balancing face cream packed with herbal goodies to restore your skin to its majestic beauty. It’s loaded with plant infusions of lavender, St John’s wort, sweet violet, sunflower, elderflower, and mullein, which have been used for centuries to help restore and revive skin. The perfect all-rounder, and ideal if you’re not sure what your skin needs.

I got on so well with this moisturiser and actually managed to finish it, you have 3 months before it goes out of date. It calmed and soothed my skin and came everywhere with me! I would use this twice a day morning and night, there are now no dry patches on my skin, so my skin is just plain old oily now, so maybe in the next few months I will pop back into Lush to find one more suitable for my skin. The only downside of this product is that you get 45g for £12.95 making it rather pricey, and that the jar is not travel friendly… it always seemed to leak a little.

I recommend this for people having a tough time with their skin, it will restore it and soothe!

Agnes D.


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