Beauty Review |Lush Angels on Bare Skin Face Cleanser.

So I have to apologise again for neglecting my little corner of the internet… but I have a pretty valid excuse. Towards the end of my holiday in France I came down with Chickenpox… yup thats right! I couldn’t believe it either. So I felt pretty tired and lacking complete blogging mojo. But I have loaaaads of posts lined up for you guys so just keep checking back :)

Those of you that read my blog will know that in the last year I have had problems with my skin, so much so that I have been to my GP to get some acne cream, which I have been using for a few months now and I am still undecided, but I will be reviewing at some point.

I was looking for a natural cleanser, something calming, that wouldn’t aggravate my skin, and something packed with natural ingredients. Naturally I went straight to Lush and I was told all about Angels on Bare Skin, I sampled it and it was lovely, it made my skin smooth and left a faint smell of lavender.


I had read quite a lot of blog reviews about this product, and it seems to be coming quite the cult item to buy from Lush.


The formula is unlike any other cleanser I have used before. You simply take a piece of the product, which kind of feels like play-doh, add a bit of water and mix it in the palm of your hand, then quickly put it on your face and slowly go round in circles. I have to admit it does take some getting used to!

I wouldn’t say the product cleared my skin up to perfection, but it certainly helped maintain the oiliness of my skin and without damaging my skin further it managed to exfoliate it at the same time. You only really need a tiny bit of product each time so this pot lasted me a couple of months, for £6.40 you get 100g. I absolutely love the naturalness of Lush products, and how you could genuinely eat them if you wanted to, although this is not recommended, but each product has an expiry date and don’t forget if you go back to Lush with 3 empty tubs you can get a free fresh face mask! Which is a whole other ball game, divine!

What are your favourites from Lush!?

Agnes D.


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