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With  New York Fashion Week commencing yesterday and London Fashion Week just around the corner, now is the time for make up artists to be stocking up on this incredible cult beauty product, Homeoplasmine.

I heard about Homeoplasmine through other bloggers over the years but it wasn’t until I was backstage at LFW last season that I saw every make up artist had a tube of this stuff in their kit along with another cult french pharmacy essential, which I will be reviewing very soon :)


This product may look like something straight from a pharmacy shelf in a Damien Hirst exhibition, but it is such as versatile product – from helping to aid skin problems to jazzing up a make up look. The texture is very much like vaseline, it comes out looking white but rubs in clear. In fact what it is most similar too is Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream!

Homeoplasmine Swatch

So this little tube of goodness is very helpful for those who suffer from eczema, especially during the winter! The cream is so thick it acts as an emollient, creating a barrier and protecting the skin – I have used this on my boyfriend, Tom and it has helped him out throughout the winter (especially when he does the washing up and his has become cracked). Make up artists tend to use this as a base for models who have patches of dry skin, they pop this on their face and it helps smooth their skin, creating a flawless canvas to then add on foundation! I have to admit I have never spread this across my entire face, but I have applied it to areas such as my cheeks and nose when creating a dewy fresh skin look. One of my favourite looks I created though, which I can’t even find the photo for, but here are some examples *warning mine did not look this good on first attempt* is putting the cream on top of eyeshadows.

wpid-original glossy-wet-look-eyeshadow

You more or less get the idea, this can be done with Vaseline of course, but I find Vaseline too slippy, with not enough staying power, the Homeoplasmine stayed all day but you do have to set it with a make up setting spray! Otherwise this is literally going to slip down the side of your face- I wouldn’t recommend doing this on a really hot day in the city, but it looks gorgeous on an evening underneath the disco lights.

I can’t remember where I bought mine from, but I found TWO tubes of Homeoplasmine for just £15.85 over on Amazon UK, this is such a bargain!

Who else has tried this look?

Agnes D.



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