Beauty Review | Colour Crush Eyeshadow – Caramel Flirt

The Body Shop is a small haven for bloggers – whenever the one in Newcastle used to do an event we would all go crazy, especially with their offerings for Christmas, cranberries and gingerbread flavours mhm delicious. That’s the thing with The Body Shop their products smell good enough to eat!

I’ve picked up a couple of make up products from The Body Shop before, their eyeliner, bronzers, lipsticks and make up brushes; but I had never tried their eye shadows. So I dipped my toe in the pool and purchased one, it is a beautiful classic nude shade named Caramel Flirt, I love the name!

DSC_0245 DSC_0247

The colour pay off is amazing, a rich soft pigmented formula. I use this shade either for a basic everyday look or on top of a matte nude shade just to add a bit of richness. The price of these individual eye shadows are £7, which does put them at a more premium place than Revlon for example, but I do believe these eye shadows are worth the extra pennies. Coffee and golden colours really suit my skin tone and brown eyes. I would highly recommend The Body Shop eye shadows, I think next pay day I may pick up a couple more shades, I have my beady eyes on Chocolate Linger, Coconuts About You and Coco Deluxe – see a theme here?

What would other people recommend from The Body Shop?

Agnes D.


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