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Good evening, well probably morning since this is when the post is scheduled for. Right now it is 7:30pm on a Tuesday evening, and I am in bed! Yup I could pretty much fall asleep at any moment, I am completely full of cold and exhausted from an already busy week. I thought I would try and be good though and get a post organised before I settle down with a lemsip and an episode of Call the Midwife.

Today I bring you some more skin loving goodness from Caudalie – in the form of their infamous Beauty Elixir. I first discovered how amazing this was through Rita Ora’s old make up artist, Emma Osborne she posted a lot of Rita’s skin care and it all pretty much centralised around Caudalie. Being the curious beauty junkie that I am, I thought I ought to try it out. Usually I am very fussy about switching up my skincare – not that my skin is sensitive but I always fear that skincare in particular will break me out, but if it is good enough for Rita and her flawless skin then why the heck not?!

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

I am just about to go onto my 3rd bottle of the stuff and I can safely say it has become a handbag and skincare staple. It is quite a pricey product with 100ml of product coming in at £32! However these 30ml bottles are more affordable at about £11.50 and they last around 2 months with constant everyday use.

Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir is definitely a multi purpose product, which is why it is so essential in any make up artist’s kit. During the winter I use this after I have moisturised and before I apply my foundation, throughout the day I spray it to keep my make up looking and feeling fresh – but this product does it’s very best during the summer – when it is one of those really hot muggy days in London without a whiff of a breeze, I spray a bit of Beauty Elixir and instantly feel refreshed! After constant use I would say that the pores on my nose (which I am quite lucky as these are the only noticeable ones I have) have definitely been minimised and my skin appears more radiant rather than grey or dull which can happen with olive complexions when there is no Vitamin D about!

This is definitely on my repurchase list month after month, available from LookFantastic who always have 15%-20% discount codes flying around.

Who else LOVES Caudalie?

Agnes D.


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