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Winter is officially here in Newcastle, last week the weather was dark, grey and miserable… and the majority of this week too! As I am writing this I am tucked up in bed (it is only 6pm) with a peppermint tea and my little radiator on. I somehow managed to get some nice bright photos of my new gorgeous Benefit blush last weekend… it did take me a little while playing around with A4 paper and lighting. However I am quite pleased with the end results.

I remember reading all about the Hervana blusher a few months ago when it was released, ever since then I have been coveting after it. Cohorted had it up on their website for just £17 last month, in fact I think it was one of my very first Cohorts! I quickly snapped it up and haven’t put it down since. (If you don’t know what Cohorted is, you really need to! Here is a blog post all about it.)


This is another one of Benefits classic boxed blushers, the packaging is in true Benebabe style! So girly and cute, you get a brush inside the box and a mirror too, which is so handy for when you are on the go. My Coralista is so old, it hasn’t got a mirror inside it, so I definitely appreciate this ‘new’ addition.

The blusher when swatched is quite a pinky colour, however when I have applied it to my face it is much more of a subtle colour, really easy to build up. As well as being an everyday blusher, Hervana is really good at highlighting your cheek bones and giving you a lovely winter glow. As well as putting it on my cheeks I have used my finger to put a little under my brow bone and a sweep down the centre of my nose. I usually wear a Smashbox face primer underneath my foundation, so this blusher can easily last me the whole day if I am at work, and I quickly add a bit more on if I am doing anything else afterwards, so to make it less subtle and give me defined cheekbones with a couple of extra swishes with the brush.

I have started my (quickly) growing collection of Benefit blushers! I recently purchased Majorette and I have Coralista lying around one of my many make up bags, to review. So stay tuned.

Agnes D.



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