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Today’s post comes with a warning – do NOT blame me for the sudden purchases you may feel you NEED to make – this was the same warning I received from my Twitter followers when I purchased this incredible beauty bible… available online HERE for just £10.

Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes

This book is so much more than a book about what looks good on what skin, how to contour for this face shape etc. Pretty Honest will teach you, you will learn exactly what skin type you are, you will learn what certain fancy ingredients actually mean – and most importantly you do NOT need to buy the face wash, cleanser, toner, moisturiser of the SAME brand – thats just marketing peeps.


Through this book I have learnt what my skin type is, all of these years I thought I had combination skin – which according to Sali the majority of women think this – so my skin type is dehydrated. I know this because of a quick simple trick Sali taught me, when you come out of the shower does your skin very quickly become tight and feel like it immediately needs moisturiser? Well yes, and there thats is BOOM I was being guided on the path to beautiful glowing skin. Within each section she recommends products that Sali herself has tried that work, now not everything works for everyone, so this is separated into different sections – some will be relevant to you and others not. You will also learn why you NEED a liquid exfloiant in your skincare routine, my personal favourite is Alpha H Liquid Gold which I reviewed about 2 years ago now!


This book is also great to share with your Mum and appeals to all generations, also very handy around birthdays/christmases you can target exactly what problem your mum/friend is suffering from, or at least try and help!


As well as skincare, the book goes into make up (obviously!), there is a great guide showing you how long products SHOULD be kept in your kit for, covering ones that aren’t so obvious such as brow gel. This book has got you covered from head to toe and will become a beauty bible and your holy grail…

I did warn you ;) to pick up some of your beauty buys from this book I would recommend shopping around on different websites, but my go to is they always have discounts on and a special 20% off on your first order.

Who else picked up this book and fell in love?

Agnes D.


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