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So, I now work at skincare company, Murad. However, don’t fear, my blog isn’t only going to feature Murad, I will definitely be talking about other skincare brands. That is one of the fantastic things about working in this industry, this has become my job, my love of beauty, being on the pulse and trying out what other skincare brands have to offer.

Since starting at Murad I have become more and more into my skincare than make up, and through my blog I want to share with you what I am learning on the way and to debunk skincare jargon and ingredients.

First up Hyaluronic Acid (HA) – I say to everyone I that I talk to about skincare, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF ACIDS – PLEASE! Acids change your skin so dramatically, they are the ingredient that will make the difference and quickly. But for today I’m focusing on Hyaluronic Acid.

HA is popping up all over the place, whether it is in skincare brands that are in Superdrug/Boots or brands that you will find in Selfridges/John Lewis/Harrods. The price varies massively, and the first thing to mention is don’t let ‘cheaper’ brands put you off.

So what is it?

HA is actually within your skin already, it is one of the key ingredients that makes skin more youthful, plump and hydrated, but it isn’t just present within skin, it is also within our immune system and connective tissues. In skincare this nifty ingredient can drastically change the texture and look of your skin, it actually attracts and retains essential moisture within your skin.

I have dehydrated skin all year round, but people tend to get dehydrated skin as the weather changes, when the heaters are on at work, going from the tube, from hot to cold, central heating – all of these factors wreak havoc on your skin. By simply adding HA slowly into your skincare routine you can combat the problems these factors cause. HA allows your skin to hold more moisture, it is like having a glass of water for your skin. Therefore the outer layer of your skin will appear fresh and dewy. The thing to note about skincare is that these results don’t happen overnight, which is why so many people reach for make up to cover up their skin and get the look they want instantly. Investing in skincare takes time, the effects of using this particular product could be anything from 1-4 weeks.

First up is Nip and Fab’s Hyaluronic Shot! The packaging is simply, simple and beautiful. The formula comes out in a glass pipette, you can apply it straight onto your face or you can choose to mix it in with your serum or moisturiser. If I was using this on its own I would use it day and/or night, I would wash my face, then use something like Pixi Glow Tonic as my exfoliating toner, then I would add in the Nip and Fab HA Shot then put my serum on and then moisturiser (at some point I will do a short video on my skincare routine). Adding this into your routine is very easy and doesn’t take an expert! Nip and Fab is available in Boots and Superdrug (currently 1/2 price at £12.95). The great thing about this product is that any skin type can use it, for those with oily skin do not worry this isn’t going to create more oil the formula is so light, weightless and non greasy that it sinks into the skin seamlessly. But the person that this product is aimed at is those with dehydrated and dry skins as it will up your moisture levels from the first use.


I hope this has helped debunk Hylaronic Acid – and one thing I hope you’ve learnt is to embrace acids! They are going to be featured a lot more on here soon :) Let me know if you have used this product before or any other Nip & Fab products?

Agnes D.


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