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A make up brush make such a difference to the application of your make up whether it is eye shadow, blusher, foundation or contouring – for the most part I’ve never really been on board with putting make up on with my hands, I know NARS swear by this method, but no, not for me. Choosing my Top 5 brushes was relatively easy – but these brushes are my everyday go to brushes, the ones that create my day to day look, nothing too fancy. Without further ado..

Real Techniques Bold Metal 100 Arched Powder Brush £22 -First up, I love Real Techniques make up brushes, for their price I think they are fabulous. They make perfect gifts for any beauty guru, and the classic collections are the perfect entry level brushes, it is where my love of brushes first started! Anyway – this brush is my favourite for setting my make up, after I have finished my look I use this alongside my Rodial Banana Powder or Laura Mercier Finishing Powder and dust this around my oilier areas on my face. The brush glides over my face beautifully, and really finishes off the look without it looking too powdery – it is also a really good brush for taking off any heavy handed contouring/bronzing or blush (we’ve all been there!).

Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki £19 – I have been through my fair share of foundation brushes, and I often use several different ones in a week. But this one is the one I reach for day after day – it is such a dense brush that really packs a punch. Best used for liquid foundations, it blends seamlessly into the skin, whether I am using a light foundation or heavier one I feel like it really gives a really good coverage. Definitely a brush to be using when I am having a bad skin day or want thicker coverage than usual. Because it is so dense it makes it a little difficult to clean so just persevere and keep running it under water to get everything out. Sometimes I soak it in baby shampoo and come back to it.

MAC 286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending Brush £23 – So a concealer brush isn’t usually a necessity for me but if I am using a liquid concealer I like to use a brush just to make sure it has blended in properly and to ensure I don’t get those weird creases like 5 minutes later. This brush is also really good for a little bit of ‘baking’ just pop it into your setting powder and tap under the eyes. If I’m using a creamy/waxy concealer I prefer to use my fingers as it warms up the consistency of the formula meaning it goes on much more smoothly. Also this brush is great if I am packing super super light I can also blend eye shadows in!

MAC 138 Tapered Face Brush £40 – I have literally had this brush for FOREVER, and it has really stood the test of time. It was a gift bought for me when I was in Cannes back in 2009 – yes I told you ‘the test of time’! And it is the perfect brush for bronzers and contouring, this is one of those examples where the brush does the work for you. If you place it in the right place, just under the cheek bone, the bronzer goes on perfectly and sits in the right place. I don’t really have much else to say on this brush, because it just speaks for itself and has definitely earned itself in my mighty collection of brushes.

Real Techniques Bold Metal Tapered Blush Brush £19 – The final brush to complete my everyday face, a touch of rouge. Another Real Techniques brush in my collection, this is a cute little brush that is good for blushers but also is good for contouring. It picks up just the right amount of blush and if you do get a bit heavy handed its good at blending it away. Also who doesn’t love a bit of rose gold?!

Don’t forget to wash your make up brushes frequently, I usually leave mine until Sunday evening, I will do another blog post on my method soon :)


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