Beauty Review | Elemis Skin Buff.

Yesterdays #bbloggers chat was about facials, so I thought I would share one of my favourite products I’ve bought, after having a facial in a beautiful spa in Edinburgh for my 21st.

It was a spa that used Elemis products only – I first discovered Elemis from my boyfriends mum, when she was moving to New York she gave me a few products including their famous Frangipani Monoi Body Oil (which is truly amazing and deserves its own blog post) – so Elemis was already quite high up in my eyes, the facial was lovely and so relaxing, every product was tailored to my skin type (which at the time was in need of serious moisture after taking a battering with Northern winds) it was also a bit sensitive and I didn’t want her to put some hefty scrub on my face and remove every layer of skin I had! But what she did use was gentle, soft and still exfoliating… my skin felt fresh and rejuvenated. 


I started to use the product once every week, but now I use it once every two weeks, because my skin is being quite temperamental. It leaves my skin feeling nourished and not red and rough, the beads are so small in the scrub they actually feel nice and soothing against the skin.

It has a very faint smell to it, but other than that it is a very pale yellow formula with teeny tiny beads in. The formula contains extracts of Laurel, Hops and soothing Chamomile to calm and enrich. This is quite a high-end product coming in at £27 for 50ml, but I promise you now it has lasted sooooo long!! I’ve had it since December and 6 months later there is still a good amount left in the tube.

Agnes D.


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